New Paycheck Feature Helps Retain Stylists

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New Paycheck Feature Helps Retain Stylists

Blended Rate

By Ron Rice

Helping stylists understand how much money they are making with Sport Clips is an important part of improving retention.  Pinnacle has a new option you can add to your paycheck stubs.  It is called “Blended Total”.  Blended Total is the total amount earned by the stylist in that pay period, divided by the number of hours actually worked in the pay period.  For example, if a stylist worked 60 hours over 2 weeks, at a pay rate of $10/hour, her regular pay would be $600.  However, in this example, she also received service commission of $60 in that same pay period and had $420 in tips.  So her total pay was $1080 for the 60 hours worked.  The average per hour was $18.00 ($1080 divided by 60).

Some Team Leaders have lost stylists to a competitor because the competitor offered a slightly higher pay rate, such as paying $11/hour instead of $10/hour.  This is frustrating for Team Leaders because they know that many stylists are taking home double their hourly pay if you add in the tips and commissions.  The stylist is failing to consider their incentive pay with Sport Clips and their excellent tips.  The “Blended Total” for this stylist, in this example, is $18.00 for this pay period.  That’s a whole lot better than making $11/hour!  We believe adding the Blended Total line item to your pay stubs will help you retain stylists.

This feature is optional, so to add it please email so we have your written permission to add it to your pay stubs starting on the next pay cycle.