Using Electronic Onboarding in DNet

What is my Team Culture
What is my Team Culture?
June 21, 2022
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July 18, 2022
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Using Electronic Onboarding in DNet

Using Electronic Onboarding in DNet

Are you tired of having to deal with too much paperwork each time you have a new hire? If so, then you should definitely consider switching over to electronic onboarding with DNet at Pinnacle. DNet’s electronic onboarding feature is a 2-portion process, first portion is completed by the new hire and the second portion is completed by the Employer. Once both portions are completed, the new hires get automatically transferred to our Payroll system, where your Payroll Coordinator will be able to process payroll with the new hire included. This onboarding feature helps both Employers and their new hires to have a fast and smooth onboarding process from the comfort of their homes.

Electronic Onboarding Benefits

  • Below is a list of all the benefits you will gain by switching over to DNet’s electronic onboarding feature:
    • You and your new hires won’t need to deal with lots of paperwork since the complete onboarding process will be online. All onboarding documents are saved automatically into DNet, where both you and your new hires will be able to access them at any time.
    • You and your new hire will be able to work on the onboarding process from the comfort of your home and on your own time.
    • New hires will no longer need to provide a voided check since they will be able to apply for direct deposit during their onboarding process directly in DNet.
    • New hires get to create their own login credentials during the onboarding process, and they will be able to use these same credentials to login to their Employee Portal in DNet after their onboarding is completed. In the Employee Portal they will be able to access all of their paystubs, W-2s, and they will be able to update any personal information and/or direct deposit.
    • You and you new hires will be able to electronically sign all necessary onboarding documents.
    • You will be able to easily track all of your new hires’ electronic onboarding progress by using DNet’s Process Monitor, which shows the status of all onboardings. You will be able to easily see which new hires haven’t started their onboarding process, which are in progress, and which have completed their onboarding.
    • DNet will keep both you and your new hires informed by sending automatic email notifications. DNet sends the following email notifications to both you and your new hires:
      • Onboarding Invitation Email
      • Onboarding Completion Reminder Email
      • Onboarding Completion Email
    • You and your new hires will be able to reach out to Pinnacle’s IT Department for IT Support or any type of guidance during the onboarding process.

Electronic Onboarding Customizations
DNet’s electronic onboarding feature offers many customizations so that we can set up your Company’s onboarding profile to fit your needs. Below is the list of all of the customizations it offers.

  • Custom Tasks
    We can customize the tasks the new hires need to complete during the onboarding process and the order of the tasks.
  • Custom Email Notifications
    We can customize the content of the automatic emails that are sent out to both you and the new hires. A lot of our Clients have taken advantage of this particular customization so that one of these emails includes additional instructions and link to training videos new hires must watch.
  • Custom Onboarding Documents
    We can upload to your company’s onboarding profile any additional onboarding document you usually have your new hires fill out and/or sign. This way, everything is online, and all documents are automatically stored in DNet.
  • Custom Onboarding Profiles
    We can create more than one onboarding profile for your company if needed. We usually create more than one onboarding profile for Clients that need for their new hires to go through a specific onboarding process based on their job position. For example, if you need for your Store Managers to fill out and/or sign a different set of documents than a Stylist would when onboarding, then we will create an onboarding profile specifically for onboarding Store Managers and a second onboarding profile for onboarding Stylists.

Pinnacle offers online demos of Electronic Onboarding to Clients to show you all of the benefits this feature offers and also to gather all of the information needed to create and customize your company’s onboarding profile(s). In this online demo Pinnacle will show you how the electronic onboarding process works from beginning to end, for both the employee and client onboarding portions. Pinnacle can also offer online training to your team if you’re interested in including Store Managers in the electronic onboarding process for them to complete the Employer portion of the onboarding. Pinnacle will also provide you with an Employee Onboarding Guide, which will include step-by-step instructions on how your new hires can complete their portion of the onboarding process, and a Client Onboarding Guide, which includes step-by-step instructions on how you and/or your Store Managers can complete the Client portion of the onboarding.

If you’re interested, reach out to Pinnacle and schedule an online demo. Get ready to save time and paperwork in your hiring process!

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