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October 20, 2021
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DNet Dashboard Widgets

Take advantage of DNet’s dashboard Widgets, which are views, graphs, and charts that show data for the last pay period, month to date, and year to date that you can quickly look at on your dashboard as soon as you login. You can customize your dashboard by adding, removing, or re-ordering your Widgets. DNet provides you with 12 different Widgets you can use, below is the list of Widgets you have available to select and a brief description of what they offer:

Executive Overview – This Widget will who you a quick summary for your last payroll, month to date, and year-to-date date, based on the option selected on the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu allows you select the following options: Gross Wages, Total Taxes, Total Benefits, Regular Hours, OT Hours, New Hires, Terminations, Net Wages, Total Checks, and PTO Hours.

Gross Wages by Department – This graph provides a breakdown of wages by the departments.

Total Hours by Type – This graph breaks out the total hours by type of pay (e.g. regular, overtime).

Gross Wages Trend – This illustration provides insight into the trend of the total wages your company has paid.

Total Wages by Position – In this diagram, you can see a breakdown of the total wages by the positions in your organization.

Invoice List – This chart displays the five (5) most recent invoices. Clicking on the invoice number (# field) will take you to that invoice.

Payroll Schedule – This view shows the schedule you create (in Darwin software) for processing payrolls. You can click on View Schedule to get more details.

Total Hours Trend – You will see the trend for number of hours worked by the type of worker in this graph.

Employees by Type – This pie chart gives you a data visualization of your employees broken down by the category (e.g. full time, part time) of their job.

Total Invoice – This graph shows you the total amount of your invoices for a chosen period of time.

Total Invoice by Division – This breaks down your invoices by the divisions in your company.

Total Invoice Trend – Here you can see trends for the invoices paid

You can add any of these Widgets to your dashboard by clicking on the gear icon to the right of your name at the top of the Dashboard.

When you click on this gear icon, this will show you a drop-down menu with the list Widgets you have available for adding to your dashboard.

Click on the Widget you would like to add, and it will appear on your dashboard. Below is a preview of all 12 Widgets.

To remove a Widget from your dashboard, click on the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the Widget.

To re-order your Widgets, simply drag and drop them in the order you would like to see them on your dashboard.