Ideas for Recruiting Team Members

Solving Conflicts at Work (Part 2)
October 20, 2021
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November 24, 2021
Solving Conflicts at Work (Part 2)
October 20, 2021
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November 24, 2021
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Ideas for Recruiting Team Members

Recruiting Team Members

To obtain the best talent for your organization, learn from the creativity of others.  Here are some ideas:

Use Social Media Effectively to Recruit

  • Share Your Company Culture on Social Media 

Many job seekers are looking for a unique experience in their career.  They value the environment, or the company culture, as much as the work itself.  Many potential applicants want a company that has personality and fits their own values and style. That’s why owners and recruiters need to pay attention to the image their companies present on social media as a major part of their recruitment strategy.  Your social media approach could include Facebook, Instagram, Videos, Blogs, Podcasts, etc.  Post fun, useful, inspiring content that will be interesting to people outside of your company. Team outings and celebrations are good content.  However, put your individual Team Members into the content on a regular basis.  Sometimes, the current employees can be in the spotlight.  The difference is that while an employee can appear in your video, making the video about him/her as an individual makes them the star of that segment. Potential applicants want to see who works for you and what they are like, in terms of their personality and values.  Job hunters are interested in the employees’ personal interests and hobbies, too.  Maybe a little about their back story and why they love working on your Team.  Sometimes a common interest will inspire a candidate to contact you!

  • Videos and Photos

Don’t worry too much about the quality of the videos and photos.  An overproduced video can work against you.  It should seem real and natural.  Ask employees to record these videos on their smartphones and send them to you. Don’t do too much editing or over-analyze the content.  The team member’s appearance, attitude and enthusiasm are usually more important than a well-rehearsed speech. 

Many companies are making a recruitment video.  The video could contain employee testimonials, footage of company activities, and a message from the owner. You could hire a professional videographer, but actually, many software tools are now available to make a video yourself.  Some guides are available on LinkedIn and other sites.

  • Use your Creativity

Some companies have had success by doing the unexpected.  For example, one recruiting video had employee interviews where they explained what they hated about their jobs.  At the end, the twist was that none of these employees worked for the company.  They were all employed elsewhere.

There are ways to target niche markets, such as military veterans or recruiting people with disabilities.  One recent trend is targeting people, especially women, who are returning to the workforce after several years away.  The video could highlight the training and development programs available to help the person get up to speed and productive quickly under a mentorship program.

Sometimes, the best new employees are former employees. Do you have a process in place that makes it easy for them to rejoin your workforce?  Former team members have the advantage of knowing your organization and culture. In turn, you have access to their information and performance history.  Sometimes a different mix of personalities on your team will lead to a successful return of an ex-employee.  Hiring a known person can simplify the hiring process and training process.  A person’s circumstances can change over time, and a previously unsuccessful employee could succeed on their second try.

Organize a Virtual Event

A virtual event is another new way to attract job seekers and potential candidates. These events could be done on Zoom or Facebook Live, a GoToMeeting, or as a webinar with guest speakers.  In this way, you can reach mildly interested candidates without pressure.  Participants are free to come and go as they please, so that each candidate’s communication style can be accommodated.   Some candidates might attend anonymously while others might be more interactive.  You can also appeal to applicants who might be from out-of-town and looking to move to your area.  Employees of competitors might attend to learn about the inner working of your business, but also you might impress them enough to recruit them! 

Pay for Candidate Referrals 

Use the talent and personal network of your current staff to recruit new teammates.  Often, a productive employee will find other individuals with similar work motivation and goals, and personalities that mesh well with their own.  This extends the company culture into the future.  Sometimes, the best way to reach top talent is to offer cash rewards to those who can refer them.  When you think of the cost of being under-staffed, it is probably thousands of dollars per employee in terms of the impact on your overall bottom line.  Or why not offer to pay the referring employee a large cash bonus, perhaps $500-$1000 for a new hire?  To make sure the new hire assimilates into the company, you could pay the bonus after the new hire has successfully completed 90 days and has reached a level of competency.

Create a Recruiting Version of a Business Card

As you meet people in your daily travels, hand them a business card.  The card should briefly say what your business is, and one or two great things about it.  On the back of the card could be a note to encourage job seekers to contact you.  Because of our rapid growth, positions are currently available.  Business cards are inexpensive, and you can give them out anywhere you go, such as restaurants, stores, service providers, offices, etc.  You never know where a job candidate will come from!  Even if the person isn’t interested, they might give the card to someone who is.  Whenever you experience a quality service employee, in any profession, hand them a card.  In a way, you are complimenting that person on their great service but also are asking them to help you identify candidates for your business.  Good people tend to know other good people, right?

Join a Networking Group or Host a Group Networking meetings are a good way to meet people and spread the word that your business is growing and looking for talented job seekers.  To meet new candidates, get involved in your local community by contributing to a networking group.  The group could be connected to your industry, but that is not always necessary.  The main goal is to connect with other owners and professionals to spread the word about your company culture and your need to add more staff.  Some different types of networking groups include:  a professional women’s group; small business owners; people from your neighborhood; a group from your local business center; a group from your church; a group connected with your personal hobby.  These networks tend to help all the businesses involved by the sharing of ideas and needs.  They can bring more customers to your business, too!

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