Sport Clips Team Leaders and Store Managers

Welcome to Pinnacle, your full-service administration resource for your Team Members! Pinnacle supports you through our comprehensive approach to payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and workers compensation insurance. Pinnacle has been endorsed by Sport Clips for more than 15 years!

Managing and administering the Team Members can be complex. Pinnacle simplifies it through our PEO service model (Professional Employer Organization). The PEO allows Pinnacle to integrate more services while controlling costs and saving you time.

What makes Pinnacle great is Pinnacle’s customer service team. We get to know you and we know your business model. We offer personalized service and our own version of a Championship Experience!

Feel free to browse our site, and use the “Contact Us” form to have our representative contact you. Click here for a marketing flyer designed for Sport Clips Team Leaders

Pinnacle PEO Advantages

Sport Clips Team Leaders:

  • Over 15 years of experience with Sport Clips
  • We understand your business model & goals
  • Save time with many outsourced administrative services
  • Save money with discounted national pricing for Sport Clips
  • Better management of workers compensation insurance controls costs
  • Better management of unemployment claims controls your tax rate
  • Group benefits, such as health insurance, dental, vision, and other options help with recruiting & retention
  • Easy start up for new stores
  • No prepayments, deposits or down payments
  • Human Resources assistance
  • Online portal with Team Member data and other resources
  • Personal service
  • Affordable Care Acts support and guidance

How we do it?

  • Business Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Assurance
  • Innovation
  • Balance more


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