Time and Attendance Management

Time and Attendance Management

Pinnacle offers a range of scheduling, time card and attendance solutions to streamline the process of keeping track of employee hours. From clocking in to calculating and processing payroll, Pinnacle provides a complete solution for business of all sizes.

Time & Attendance software solutions automate certain functions, and streamline reporting. Pinnacle's Time & Attendance Management technology offers both onsite and fully outsourced options for keeping track of employees.

  • Automate employee clock in / clock out options to streamline payroll reporting procedures.
  • Automate benefits tracking (sick leave, vacation, personal days, overtime, etc.)
  • Increase wage, hour and attendance policy compliance through on-demand reports.
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Automated alerts for employee rewards or disciplinary action.
  • Enforce attendance and leave policies, as well as FMLA and other leave laws.
  • Automated forms, reports and response letters.
  • Create work schedules based on various criteria (skills, seniority, availability)

Self-Service Menu

  • Post/Review work schedules.
  • Review individual hours worked.
  • Access available and used sick leave, vacation, etc..
  • Employee requests for time off, including appropriate forms and response letters.
Pinnacle Time and Attendance

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