Risk and Safety Management

Workers' Compensation

At some point, most employers will have to deal with a Workers' Compensation claim. Pinnacle can administer all aspects of this delicate process, so the relationship between you and your injured employee remains professional and unstrained by the legal process.

Pinnacle is able to offer competitive rates on Worker's Compensation Insurance because we benefit from economics of scale. In addition to claims administration and significant savings on Workers' Compensation Insurance, Pinnacle also offers extensive services for workers with job-related injuries.

Our comprehensive Workers' Compensation services include:

  • Affordable workers compensation coverage.
  • Administration of wage compensation claims and administrative assistance to injured workers.
  • Administration of rehabilitation and return-to-work, light-duty programs.
  • Filing and follow-up of all required injury reports.

Safety Management

Providing a safe work environment is crucial to an efficient, productive business, as well as reduced insurance rates. Pinnacle's safety experts can implement and oversee a comprehensive, customized safety program to ensure that your business is both compliant to applicable regulations and safe for your employees.

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