New W-4 Starting January 1st
New W-4 Starting January 1st
November 24, 2019
When Military Duty Calls
When Military Duty Calls
January 27, 2020
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Your DNet2.0 Profile View

Having a DNet2.0 account provides you with a variety of features. Upon login, you are presented with menu access to:

  • View paycheck information
  • Update your personal information
  • Update or add Direct Deposit
  • Access to your Form W-2

The dashboard view displays key data and is designed to provide you with a quick reference to your most common payroll information.

DNet2.0 Can Compliment You

Enjoy the benefit of personalizing your DNet2.0 account by adding your photo and by selecting a color theme.
Upload the photo of your choice with the “My Info” feature. Keep in mind this photo should be work appropriate and will be seen by your employer.
The “Preference” feature gives you a list of color theme options to select from, for your DNet2.0 dashboard.

How to Upload your Picture:

  1. Go to:
  2. Your menu path is: My Info > Info
    On the bottom righthand side of the page, click on the ‘Change Image’ button.
  3. Click on the ‘Browse’ button to select and upload your photo, then click on the ‘Save’ button.

Your picture will display on the top righthand side of the page, located under the ‘My Info’ feature.


How to Change your Color Theme:

  1. Go to:
  2. Yourmenu path is: My Info > Preferences
     Click on the “Color Theme” drop-down to select from the options of colors.
  3. Click on the “Save” button to retain the change