New Medical Plan from Pinnacle is More Affordable
New Medical Plan from Pinnacle is More Affordable
December 20, 2018
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The “My Info” Feature of DNet2
January 28, 2019
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HR Tips for 2019

HR Tips for 2019

We thank our clients for another year with us and wish you the very best this upcoming year.  You are the most important asset of our organization and we appreciate everything that you do.

The start of the New Year will bring new stylists, improved services, and maybe some new challenges. We’d like this opportunity to remind all Team Members about the Sport Clips Mission. The three key questions to ask each other:

  • Can I trust you?
  • Are you committed to excellence?
  • Do you care about me?

Let’s also remind them about our standards and expectations such as:

Our Client Service – We welcome all clients regardless of gender, race, or disability and they all should be treated the same.

Our Performance Expectations, such as:

  • Schedules: Team Members should remember to always check their schedule and to know when they are to be at work.
  • Attendance: It is always advised for Team Members to be present 15 minutes before their starting time and already properly dressed and groomed to the standards.
  • Clocking in and out: This will help to ensure their paycheck reflects accurate pay for hours worked. Remember to always ask the supervisor before clocking out for them to be aware if you are taking a break, leaving, or simply taking lunch.
  • Tardiness: If you realize you will be late, remind them to call their manager as early as possible to explain the situation and the supervisor can adjust accordingly if needed.
  • Absences: Sometimes Team Members may be too ill to work or may have an emergency. Remind them to contact their managers as soon as possible with at least 2 hours’ notice if foreseeable.

2019 should a good year, an even better year than 2018 and with your help we will make it count.  Pinnacle’s HR Department is always ready to assist you.  Give us a call at (210) 344-2088.