Advantages of Voluntary Benefits
Advantages of Voluntary Benefits
July 18, 2022
Updated COVID-19 Guidelines
Updated COVID-19 Guidelines
August 16, 2022
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Benefits Open Enrollment

Countdown to Open Enrollment

Annual Open Enrollment is that time of year when employees can enroll in benefits or make changes to existing benefits. Want to elect dental coverage or add dependents to your existing coverage? You can do that during Open Enrollment.  July is Pinnacle’s month for enrolling in ancillary products, such as limited health plans, dental, vision, life insurance, accident, hospital indemnity short term disability and critical illness options.  These products are available to clients who do not already have another month designated as the Annual Enrollment Month.  

Note that clients offering Major Medical health insurance will not have Open Enrollment at this time.  Their annual enrollment will match their Major Medical renewal date (usually in December-January).

Offering employee benefits is a great tool for recruiting and retaining your employees. Pinnacle has a selection of voluntary plans at reasonable prices.  We negotiate benefits and prices based on a large group to give you the most value.  These plans are available to full-time employees (averaging 30 hours per week).

Pinnacle’s Annual Benefits Open Enrollment period for employees will occur June 22 – July 22, 2022, with the coverage taking effect on August 1, 2022. 

Remember that current employee benefit choices automatically roll over unless we receive a change or cancellation by July 22nd.  We are pleased to announce that virtually every benefit being offered has no rate increase for the upcoming year!  A web link for the Open Enrollment is available here:  This link will be available no later than July 1.  Post this article in your Breakroom.

Our Benefits Department is available to you and your employees at (866) 344-4477 or  We look forward to serving all your benefits needs!

What you need to know about Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the annual period for employees to make selections for healthcare coverage for themselves and their family members. Open enrollment gives employees the opportunity to visit or revisit available options and enroll in plans for medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and more.

For employees, open enrollment is a time to look at how they have used their insurance coverages in the past and how they anticipate they will use them in the future. From there, they should be able to decide which of any available plans and policies is the right choice for the entire coming year.

For companies, it starts long before issuing necessary information and enrollment form paperwork to staff members in advance of the open enrollment dates. Businesses must answer questions, request and give advice, and have employees fully complete forms to assure everyone gets the coverage they want and need. Failure to meet open enrollment deadlines could result in substandard or no coverage for the entire coming year; it’s critically important open enrollment runs smoothly and efficiently.

Once issued, businesses will need to keep a close eye on who has returned their forms and who has not. Open enrollment administrators must assure employees return forms in a timely manner, submit every form correctly, and sign them. For those staffers who drag their feet, open enrollment admins must send out reminders to get the forms filled out and submitted before the deadline. If a staff member misses open enrollment, the repercussions can be significant. If they were already enrolled in healthcare coverage, they will continue with the same plan throughout the coming year with no allowable changes. Those who were not previously enrolled may have to wait for a qualifying event (marriage, birth, etc.,) before they are allowed to sign up for coverage, or wait until the next open enrollment in July for the following year.