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Performance Management: Basics of Corrective Action (Part 1)
February 8, 2018
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Leadership Traits
March 19, 2018
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Visa Payroll Card

Simplify your payroll process with the Paychek Plus! Elite Visa Payroll Card. Although our shipping services are to be counted on, unforeseen circumstances are a reality. Employees receiving paper checks are often at risk of running into obstacles such as inclement weather, lost or stolen checks, and check fraud. At Pinnacle we understand what is important to our clients and we provide the tools to ensure their success. When a Team Member chooses to sign up for a Visa Payroll Card they have immediate access to their funds on payday. Encourage Team Members to take advantage of the Visa Payroll Card.

With the Visa Payroll Card, employees can:

  • Make Purchases
  • Pay Bills
  • Get Cash when they need it through ATM withdrawals
  • Manage their card account online or with the Mobile App
  • Set up a Savings Account
  • Order Check Today Convenience Checks

Receiving direct deposit via the Visa Payroll Card is environmentally friendly and it’s an added benefit option to offer to your team. Cut out the hassle of paper checks and improve payroll efficiency! Remind Team Members about the benefits of the Visa Payroll Card.

Click here for a flyer you can distribute to your Team.

FSV PayCard