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June 26, 2017
Recognition and Rewards
Recognition and Rewards
July 25, 2017
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DNet 2.0 Features

DNet Document Storage

By Debbie McCarter

Here are a couple of new features that will be available in Darwinet 2.0 once it’s rolled out:

Having issues keeping up with all of your employees’ birthdays, anniversary dates, holidays and pay dates? No problem! DNet 2.0 does this for you.

New Dashboard
DNet 2.0 will also have a customizable dashboard. Now you can set up your dashboard the way you like! Have instant access to graphs and charts to track the spending for each month on wages, gross pay trend by month, total hours worked trend by month, and much more.

License Tracking
A new exciting feature on Darwinet 2.0 is the ability to track licenses so that you will know when they expire.

We will keep everyone posted as we get closer to our rollout date.